8 Ways to Use 3D Photo Crystals to Create an Amazing Keepsake

September 01 2023
3D Photo Crystals
Discover the enchanting world of 3D photo crystals and how they can turn cherished moments into unforgettable keepsakes.

It’s no secret that 3D photo crystals are amazing pieces to give as gifts or otherwise use to preserve special moments. After all, they’re uniquely designed, sentimental, and a cut above the sort of gifts that most people are used to receiving. 


3D picture crystals are also appropriate for all types of occasions. Maybe you want to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, honor the anniversary of your friends, or even recognize someone for graduating. Whatever the moment may be, you can count on 3D crystals to truly make a statement. 


Though, in order to get the most out of these images, knowing the best ways to put them to use makes all the difference in the world. 


Bringing the Right Images to Life


Because 3D photo crystals have inherent versatility, their possibilities as keepsakes are limitless. Below are some wonderful options to consider when you want to create something special. 


Preserve a Treasured Family Moment With a 3D Crystal Keychain

A great way to always hold onto precious, shared moments is by engraving a family image into a 3D crystal keychain. With a keychain like this, whoever has the honor of receiving it will be constantly reminded of a great memory, no matter where they go. 


You’ll also be pleased to know there are multiple crystal shapes to pick from, each of which will brightly stand out among any other keychains.


3D Crystal Heart Keychain


3D photo crystal keychain with a baby engraved inside


Honor a Pet With a 3D Crystal Heart

Our furry friends are much-loved members of the family who deserve to be recognized as such. Maybe you have a favorite image of your pet lounging around at home, stretching in the park, or otherwise enjoying themselves in their natural element. 


With this crystal heart of a furry friend, pet-lovers will have a stunning standout to add to their collection of family photos. Of course, 3D images of pets can make great gifts for not just yourself, but also for anyone else who has a furry friend they care for. 


3D Photo Crystal Heart 


3d photo crystal heart with beautiful dog engraved inside


Create a Crystal Timeline with Sets of Photos


Some of life’s best moments happen in different stages and over extended periods of time. One of the best ways to honor this is by choosing a set of images to be memorialized forever in 3D crystal style. 


Maybe you want three separate images to track the stages of meeting and falling in love with a significant other. Perhaps the photo sets in question revolve around the expansion of a family with new children. 


Whatever memories you chose to cherish, a set of 3D photos honoring them is yet another amazing keepsake worth having. If you choose to go with a set of crystal images, you’ll also be able to pick the shapes and sizes of each one. 


Send a Crystal Necklace to Loved Ones Who Live Far Away


Keeping connections alive in spite of long distance is often easier said than done. However, sending a crystal necklace that contains a treasured image is one of the best ways to make up for the many miles between you both.


When you crystalize a photo of yourself with someone you care for in a necklace, you’re showing your love for them in a meaningful way. The lucky receiver of this necklace can wear it wherever they go and always have a reminder of the bond you share with one another. 


3D Photo Crystal Necklace


3D photo crystal necklace with 2 kids engraved inside


Celebrate a Happy Moment With an Ornament


Having a unique ornament designed just so happens to be a phenomenal way of keeping a great memory alive. Whether the image is of a loved one with their favorite furry friend, a family embracing one another, or something else entirely, this piece is sure to touch the heart of whoever receives it. 


Ornaments are wonderful little trinkets to store on mantels, bookshelves, or to display during festive times of the year. 


2D Crystal Ornament


3D photo crystal ornament with a couple engraved inside


Create a Stunning Paperweight With a Crystal Iceberg


These days, it’s very easy for important documents, receipts, and other pieces of paperwork to quickly get lost. Though a great fix for this is a paperweight containing a beautiful 3D image. 


With an iceberg like this, keeping papers in one place won’t be an issue anymore. After you select the image to be transformed into a 3D crystal, the lucky person to get this iceberg will have a regular reminder of a special moment.


3D Photo Crystal Iceberg


Honor a Loved One Who Passed With a 3D Image


When someone we love passes away, the urge to hold onto them and the great memories of them is natural. Thankfully, with a 3D crystal, keeping these memories alive is more possible than it’s ever been. 


A crystallized picture of a loved one is a wonderful centerpiece to keep in living rooms, dining rooms, or any other place in the home. Whether you go for a crystal heart, rectangle, or another shape altogether, a 3D image of a loved one will ensure the memories of them live on. 


3D photo crystal iceberg with dad and son engraved inside


Celebrate a Graduation With a Crystal Diamond


If you know someone who’s getting ready to graduate after years of hard work, one excellent way to honor them is with a 3D crystal diamond. Ideally, the picture within this diamond should relate to their accomplished milestones and the hard work they’ve put in to finally graduate. 


If you do give a 3D diamond image as a present, you can be sure the person who gets this will love and cherish it for years to come.  


3D Crystal Photo Diamond


3D photo crystal diamond on a wooden table


Take Your Memories to the Next Level Today


No matter which piece(s) you end up selecting, you can be sure that 3D photo crystals in any form will make a statement. 


Unlike some keepsakes that end up hidden away in relatively short time periods, 3D images inspire awe and make people proud to put them on display for all to see. 


If you decide to go with one of our diamonds, icebergs, hearts, or rectangles, you’ll want to consider one of our LED light bases as well. Each light base will further illuminate your crystal, making it shine beautifully in any abode. 


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