How to Take the Perfect Photos for a 3D Crystal Print

September 10 2023
3D Laser engraving
Discover eight essential tips for selecting the perfect image for your 3D photo crystal.

How to Take the Perfect Photos for a 3D Crystal Print


3D photo crystals are iconic and timeless pieces. 


Not only do they inherently have sentimental value, but their creative possibilities are unlimited. Whether you’re choosing a piece for yourself, preparing it as a gift for someone else, or have a totally different purpose in mind, 3D crystals, by their very nature, are a cut above the rest. 


Although, a key part of the creation and design process requires having a strong, clear image to engrave within the crystal. After all, the chosen photo is the centerpiece of the product. This is what will command attention, inspire conversations, and stand out in any environment.  


With that in mind, the following tips are vital to making sure that your favorite image is beautifully transformed into a 3D masterpiece.


8 Important Tips For Tweaking Your Pictures


Whenever you’re choosing a picture to be engraved into 3D crystal form, you want to make sure it’s in the best possible condition. Thankfully, doing this is relatively easy and comes with long-lasting benefits.. 


Make Sure They’re Well-Lit


Lighting makes all the difference in the world, especially when you’re selecting a picture to be transformed into 3D. 


A well-lit image is going to stand out much more clearly than a picture shrouded in darkness. On top of that, by being mindful of lighting, you’ll also spare the intricate details of your picture from being lost in the shadows. 


funny dog with a christmas hat on a clear background


Pay Attention to the Angles


Just like lighting, the importance of angles cannot be understated when you’re choosing an image to be engraved inside a crystal. 


Ideally, your best bet will be picking out photographs taken at a head-on, forward-facing angle. In other words, the camera should be positioned so that viewers of the picture have no choice but to focus on the subject at hand.


Odd or unusual angles can be more challenging to engrave. For this reason, awkwardly positioned images may not turn out as well as pictures that were taken at a straightforward angle. 


Be Mindful of the Camera Lens


When you’re taking photos, you always want to make sure you do so with a sharp, clear camera lens. This will make sure the features of your image aren’t blurry or otherwise hard to focus on. Blurry photos are notoriously challenging to engrave and won’t do your piece justice by any means.


However, by making sure your camera lens is appropriately focused on chosen subject matter at hand, you’ll have a picture that looks stunning after it’s finally been crystalized. 


Try to Avoid Shadows


Some pictures may have a few unavoidable shadows, but ideally, you want to make sure that any image being crystalized is easy to see, rather than hidden or obscured. Similarly to photos that are taken at awkward angles, very shadowy photos can be challenging to engrave with good results. 


Go For Close-Ups


Close-up pictures are some of the best ones to have crystalized. Photos that feature front and center subject matters are wonderful for capturing attention to detail. This ability to pick up on the little things also really helps make your 3D image phenomenal by the time it’s all done. 


On the other hand, images that are taken from further away may be harder to engrave without sacrificing precision. 


smiling young girl with a blur background


Go For High Resolution


As you pick out the images to be placed within your 3D crystals, high resolution is a critical factor to keep at top of mind. 


Not only do high resolution photos look better when they’re transformed into 3D crystals, but they also make it easier for the finer details to be picked up during the engraving process. 


Of course, high-resolution pictures are consistently brighter, more defined, and easier on the eyes than images without high resolution.


Be Mindful of the Frame


Having an image converted to 3D means that all parts of it will naturally stand out at any angle. 


For this reason, you want to be sure that any crystallized photo has the full subject matter within the camera frame. This means seeing to it that no part of your picture is cut off, out of focus, or otherwise missing.


Wear Lighter Clothes


If you’re having an image of people turned into a 3D crystal, it’s a good idea to have everyone in the picture wear lighter colored clothes. 


Many people don’t realize this, but steering clear of dark clothing increases the quality of your final crystalized image, making it smoother and more refined.


young girl hugging a rabbit 


Transforming Your Photos From 2D to 3D


While being aware of the above tips goes a long way for 3D photos, here at MasterPics, we take careful steps of our own to make your final product perfect for any occasion.


This means using elite technology and software to edit out any imperfections in your photos before they’re set within the crystal. Once your picture has been transformed from 2D to 3D, we then create a file of the image to be engraved.


During this process, hot laser energy is used to set clear and precise points inside the piece, not on its surface. Because your 3D image goes inside of the crystal, it will naturally catch the eye without being vulnerable to scratches or other damages. 


You’ll also be pleased to know that our laser beams aren’t invasive, hence guaranteeing that your crystal stays smooth and free of blemishes as it’s being engraved. 


The final product will not only bring your treasured photo to life, but it’ll furthermore maintain its 3D status, regardless of the angle someone opts to view it from. As an added bonus, once your piece is all finished, we’ll have it promptly shipped to your doorstep in a satin-lined, protective box. 


3D photo crystal iceberg with an image of a family engraved inside


The Finishing Touch


As you prepare your photos to be turned into 3D crystals, you’ll also want to consider our LED light bases. These are great add-ons that will truly illuminate your photo and take its magnificence to even higher heights.


Our light bases come in multiple shapes and sizes, any of which can pair well with the crystal you select to be engraved. 


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